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How to Open a Saving Account in Axis Bank Account?

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Open Account in Axis Bank Account Account: Banks give a facility to open a savings account as a sole holder or in joint holding with more individuals. Joint accounts may have different modes of holdings such as ‘Anyone or Survivor’, “Joint”, etc. In case of joint holding, all the applicants must furnish KYC formalities.

In order to open a savings bank account in Axis Bank Account, you need to follow below mentioned steps:


Open Axis Bank Account Online


(1) Personally Visit Axis Bank Account Branch

You need to visit the bank branch in which you want to open your account.

(2) Fill up Account Opening Form (AOF) for Savings Account

Obtain the Savings Bank Account Opening Form and fill up all the necessary details of the customer’s information and other details in the different sections given in the prescribed form like name, address, contact number, email id, PAN, type of account to be opened, nominee’s name, etc.

(3) Attach Required (Mandatory) Documents with the Account Opening Form (AOF)

After completing filling up the account opening form, you need to attach KYC documents like PAN, Proof of Address & Proof of Identity.

Some banks make it mandatory to provide Permanent address and telephone number.



Open Axis Bank Account Online

(4) Verification of Account Opening Form (AOF) & Other Documents by the Banker

Banker will verify Account Opening Form (AOF) and other attached documents. If he is satisfied with these requirements, he will proceed further.

(5) Deposit Minimum Balance Amount in your Savings Account as per your Savings Account requirement

After verification of Account Opening Form (AOF) & Other Documents by the Banker, you will be allotted an account number and you will then be required to deposit the minimum required balance in your account as per your savings bank account type.

(6) Obtain Cheque Book, Passbook, Debit Card & Other Documents from the Bank

Once your account is successfully opened, the banker will hand over Cheque Book, Passbook, Debit Card & Other Documents to you and then you will be allowed to make transactions from your account.



Open Axis Bank Account Online

Important Points regarding Opening Axis Bank Account Savings Account

  • Research and select the bank paying maximum rate of interest under its savings account.
  • Different Banks offer different rate of interest under Savings Account.
  • Select a nearby bank branch.
  • Fill the account opening form in CAPITAL LETTERS using black ink.
  • Countersign in case of any overwriting while filling up the account opening form.
  • Generally, private banks provide a relationship manager who takes care of any issues or queries related to your account.
  • You must avail the nomination facility.
  • Don’t forget to take the original KYC documents with you for verification purpose.
  • Remember that in most of the savings accounts, maintenance of a minimum balance in account is required.
  • You may choose one from various Savings Account Types offered by the bank.
  • If your mailing address and permanent address are different, provide address proof documents for both.
  • Some banks insist upon that the applicant(s) need to come to the branch, in person, for opening the account and will sign at the relevant places in the presence of a Bank Official.

Open Saving Account in Axis Bank



Open Axis Bank Account Online



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